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Building a Home in Park County

This website is developed as a tool for your home building process in the mountains.  It is designed as a reference guide with some helpful advice.  Whether you are looking for a General Contractor to build your home or you wish to act as the Owner-Builder, we hope this publication will provide you with the information on building a home in Park County.

Benefits of using local designers & contractors for building your home
Local Contractors

Although it is common to know “non-local” relative or friend in the building business that offers you their expertise and service, we encourage you to consider local contactors with the skills and knowledge required with the uniqueness of mountain design and the understanding of local approval processes.  There are favored construction practices for high mountain conditions that are uncommon to other areas.  By hiring established local contractors, many mistakes that often cost unnecessary time and expense can be avoided, streamlining the home-building experience.

For instance, local jurisdictions have unique development guidelines that are constantly being reviewed and revised.  A site may require a variance to the development code to be planned effectively.  Using a local design team offers the ability to understand local codes and procedures, using them for the client’s benefit.  Local teams with previous experience can effectively prepare the submittal to the review committees and have an increased probability of a complete submittal which is important considering many committees meet monthly.

Considering the increased difficulty of site development having a local team’s experience in dealing with regulations pertaining to local wetlands restrictions, open space guidelines and the many other procedures specific to your area, works to your advantage.

There is also the practical consideration during the construction phase to have your contractors reasonably close to the building site to enable a quick response to construction detailing, client visits, and general on-site team support.  We have provided tips for working with contractors along with suggested agreement guidelines to help you with choosing your contractors.  The more informed you are, the more the process will work efficiently.  Enjoy!

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The Business Connection assumes no liability for the work of the contractors advertising in this publication.  Due to the ever changing codes and regulations of Park County some of the following information may be incorrect and needs to be verified with the correct Park County Offices.  The information in this booklet is updated every year with Park County.

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